You've found the perfect town! Good Job!

In Alabaster Peaks, life is perfect. Taxes are low, the acid rain has finally stopped, and our Glorious Leader, Wade Cordero, provides for our every need!

Tune in every week as Bradley interviews our very own residents, to find out who should have their dreams made real!

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Alabaster Peaks takes the format of a local town's weekly radio show.

Followers of Our Glorious Leader's totally Legitimate Religion (definitely a cult) join us to prove they're worthy of having their wildest wishes granted! (they're not.) 

Our host walks us through the Questionnaire, as our Infallible Leader listens in live. Once all the questions have been answered, he judges us all and notifies us of his verdict! 

Alabaster Peaks is an improvised comedy podcast. Comedians and Improvisors play all the town residents. Bradley Hall created the show in 2018 out of Toledo, OH.